July 2019 Newsletter

Stones River Woodworkers Club

July 23 2019

Saint Marks Methodist Church

The Program:

Our speaker for July will be Craig Walls, Senior Vice President of Sales, Teknatool USA (Nova, chucks and tools).

I have known Craig for over 26 years. He has a passion for the tool industry and amazing industry knowledge. Craig will be demonstrating the new NOVA VOYAGER DVR 18″ VARIABLE SPEED DRILL PRESS and answer any Teknatool or industry questions you may have.

Some of the additional woodworking industry positions Craig has had are as follows:

National Sales Manager Delta Power Equipment Corporation

National Sales Manager General International Machinery (Jet, Powermatic)

Director Sales and Marketing Steel City Tool Works

Director Regional Sales Pentair Tool Group (Delta Machinery, Porter Cable, DeVilvis)

Craig has graciously donated a Super Nova Chuck to our upcoming (TBA) silent auction.


Stones River Woodworking Minutes

Date: June 1, 2019

Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Introduction of guests
  1. Peter Cunningham
  2. Bill Henseth
  3. Todd Foutch
  4. Old Business
  1. Summer Picnic: Will be held Saturday 6-22-19 at the Lascassas Fire Hall. Executive committee is expected to be there at 4 PM to help set up tables and chairs. Please bring a dish to share, and something you made. There will be a silent auction. A magician will be entertaining us and bidding will remain open during our meal. When the entertainment ends the high bidders will win.
  2. Pen Turning Event: We had 20 pen turners using 6 lathes finishing 77 pens for the troops!
  3. Mary Nichols Shaker Box Build: Mary had 2 classes of 5 people over about 4 ½ hours . Everyone had a great time and made some beautiful boxes. She is a great teacher!
  4. New Business

President Larry Counts made a special request to the SRWW Executive group for approval to present two individual awards (“Above and Beyond” and “Lifetime Achievement”) at the June meeting noting that this would be a one-time award designed and paid for by him. Approval granted.

  1. The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Doug Pelrin
  2. The Above and Beyond Award was presented to Gene Casto
  3. On July 1st the new officers will assume their respective roles. They are listed below.
  • President: Ryan Snover 770-354-0476 rsnover1@gmail.com
  • Vice President: Sam Clark 615-440-8300 seclark60@gmail.com
  • Secretary: David Roesler 615-491-0232 kamobe3@gmail.com
  • Treasurer: Gene Casto 615-417-0557 tsondoweno@att.net
  • Publicity: Glen Emery 615-556-9462 seaweedcat1@msn.com
  • Web Administrator: Robert Woolfolk 615-849-9951 rwoolfolk@hotmail.com
  • Newsletter Editor: Marvin Miller 615-995-1097 mlmarv@att.net
  1. Guest Speaker

John Lucas- John is a retired photographer with 40 years of wood turning and flat work experience and has combed the additional skill of metal working into his becoming a renowned tool fabricator. He loves to try new techniques and build all sorts of tools for specific job needs. He is especially known for his intricately designed hand mirrors which he makes and ships world-wide. He clearly shows a love of the craft and an enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge with others. John has taught classes at The Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, the John C. Campbell School of Arts and Crafts in Brentwood, and the Appalachian Center for Crafts at Tennessee Tech, and presentations at national and international symposiums. He can be found on youtube at “John60Lucas”, and “Appalachian Wood Turner”. Some of his articles that relate to his talk with the SRWW are: Fire-setting a Tool in a Handle; Cupped Carbide Cutters vs. Flat Carbide Cutters; What Steel Gets Sharpest. John discussed and demonstrated the various aspects of heat treating, annealing, and bending of metal to achieve the required degree of Rockwell hardness or degree of malleability. He often uses old files, or purchases A-11 steel from Leigh Valley. John said you can contact him anytime with questions at johnclucas45@gmail.com.

President Larry Counts presented John with a certificate of appreciation from the Stones River Woodworkers.

V. Show and Tell

1. Alice Jensen- #4 Shaker box finished in Danish oil

2. Robert Woolfolk- segmented bowl with cherry, purple heart, and walnut

3. Don McKinney- Walnut yarn bowl

4. Bill Hemseth- Walnut carved hand (his own) with threaded wall-mounting insert

5. Bob Musgrove- Shaker box finished with shellac, and Danish oil, buffed

6. Mike Warren- Shaker tray with walnut on the inside and #4 box, finish undecided.

7. Larry James- A large intricate basswood black dragon with bloodwood teeth, tongue and eyes. It is now green because it mysteriously turned green as he added finish. He said he expended untold hours of work over about 3 weeks.

John Coomer- A serving tray with cherry and birch veneer plywood finished with “boos block mystery oil” said to be food grade.

VI. Information about coming events:

Art on the Greenway, September 21st. Robert Woolfolk has applied;

Harvest Days, Canonsburg, October 26th.

VII. President Larry Counts was presented a special hand turned mallet from the SRWW group in appreciation for Larry’s attention to detail, dedication, and steadfast support for the organization.

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully submitted,

David Roesler

Word From the President…….

With a television tuned to my favorite woodworking show on in the background I overheard Roy Underhill say something so I found so profound I I bolted out of the room to grab a pen before I had forgotten the words. Nearly 20 years later the quote I have on the first page of my phone is this: “The superior mind sees the simplicities behind the confusion, where the ordinary mind see’s only the complexities.”

The executive committee has been hard at work with both the simple and the complex on your behalf to ensure the best traditions of our club continue to flourish. In the weeks to come I will be sharing some wonderfully exciting resources that will be available, along with many other opportunities for our members.

These resources, the clubs momentum, and the enthusiasm in the fellowship would not have been possible without the leadership of our previous officers, Don McKinney , Joe Elliott, Marv Miller, Glen Emery, Robert Woolfolk, Roger Evans, and your past president Larry Counts.

I want to extend a personal thank you to Mr. Larry Counts for the phenomenal Job he has done, and the selflessness he has put into making our club a fantastic place. He has increased membership, fellowship and been a mentor all while GROWING the clubs treasury!! Larry thank you for all you have done!

Woodworkers I am truly excited to see what this year will and can bring, and I thank you all for the opportunity to serve the club, and can’t wait to see everyone Tuesday!

Happy Sawdust making,

Your President

Ryan K. Snover


Current membership in the Stones River Woodworkers Club expired June 30th. Dues for the ’19-’20 fiscal year, (July 1st 2019 through June 30th, 2020), will be due at the July 23rd meeting. Payment can be made by cash or check.

Continued membership is truly a bargain considering the many benefits for us who have a passion for woodworking. Thank in advance for your continued participation in the Stones River Woodworkers Club.

If you won an item at the last meeting, and haven’t paid for it please bring payment to the meeting.

Gene Casto


Calendar of Events

Stones River Woodworkers Club

July 23 July Meeting – Program TBA

August 27 August Meeting – Program TBA

Educational Opportunities

Marc Adams School of Woodworking Franklin, IN www.marcadams.com

Appalachian Center for Crafts Smithville, TN www.tntech.edu/craftcenter

July 21-26 Off the Shelf with Chance Coalter $550

Aug 2-4 Introduction to Chip Carving with Daniel Clay $300

Sept 21st Art on the Greenway,. Robert Woolfolk has applied;

Oct 26th Harvest Days, Canonsburg,.

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts Gatlinburg, TN www.arrowmont.org

John C Campbell Folk School Brasstown, NCwww.folkschool.org

Woodcraft Franklin, TN www.woodcraft.com/stores/nashville

Buy and Sell

This space is available for the listing of equipment, tools, materials, etc. that you wish to buy, sell, or trade. If you would like to utilize this space, please forward you information by email or text to Larry Counts.

Officers for 2018-19

President: Ryan Snover 770-354-0476 rsnover1@gmail.com

Vice President: Sam Clark 615-440-8300 seclark60@gmail.com

Secretary: David Roesler 615-491-0232 kamobe3@gmail.com

Treasurer: Gene Casto 615-417-0557 tsondoweno@att.net

Publicity: Glen Emery 615-556-9462 seaweedcat1@msn.com

Web Administrator: Robert Woolfolk 615-849-9951 rwoolfolk@hotmail.com

Newsletter Editor: Marvin Miller 615-995-1097 mlmarv@att.net

Please feel free to contact any officer with suggestions, comments, or ideas to improve the club and keep it moving forward. Thank you!!

Remember to check out the club’s website


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