February 2019 Newsletter

February 26, 2019

Stones River Woodworkers Club

Next meeting Saint Marks Methodist Church, February 26, 2019

The Program:

  David Sharp is a professional woodcarver who travels all over the country teaching classes and competing in some of the most prestigious events in the industry. He will share some of his techniques for carving animals and realistic faces more specifically how to use proportion to your advantage.

Word from the President:

Wow!!  What a great start to the new year.  The January meeting was fantastic.  We started with all in attendance receiving their new name badges and were handed their personal copy of the SRWC membership directory.  There were two guests in attendance – Cole Andrews and Dave Wegner.

The members that worked to make the Christmas Dinner a tremendous success were recognized – Mary Nichols, Doug Pelren, Kay Pelren, Robert Woolfolk, Nancy Woolfolk, and Glen Emery.  Don McKinney and Robert Woolfolk were thanked for their efforts in getting the name badges complete in time for the January meeting.

Gene Casto was recognized for his heroic efforts to provide a program for a meeting when there was a last-minute cancellation by the scheduled presenter.  Gene was presented with a certificate indicating the sincere appreciation of the SRWC.

The membership was informed a nominating committee has been named to provide a list of nominations to hold offices for the 2019-2020 year.  All members were encouraged to give serious consideration to serving in some capacity to keep the club moving forward.

A Girl Scout Troop has contacted the SRWC and asked for assistance in helping some members of the troop in earning a merit badge in woodworking.  The details of how that is going to happen have not quite been worked out, however, there were four volunteers ready to go to make the merit badges happen.

It was announced that the Executive Committee has voted to add a membership meeting in the month of June.  Traditionally, due to Vacation Bible School scheduling, the SRWC has not held a monthly meeting in June, but this year we are committed to work around scheduling issues and provide the membership with another educational opportunity.

It was also announced the format for the annual Christmas Dinner will be unchanged for this December.  The night will include a pot luck dinner with ham and turkey provided, a members’ gallery, and a display of all Christmas presents for the Good Shepherds Children’s Home residents. 

It was announced the Executive Committee has voted to sponsor a series of clinics over the next several months.  The clinics include: segmented bowl design, construction, and turning.  Also, a clinic on Christmas Ornament creating, building, and turning.  Next a clinic on making Shaker boxes complete with steam bending will be made available.  A class on Band Saw box making is also on the schedule.  Finally, a class on pen turning was suggested but the interest from the members present indicated a lack of interest at this time, so pen turning will be put on the shelf and potentially brought up again later.

The membership was asked if there was interest in hosting a series of turning sessions to provide pens for the Pens for the Troops project and it looks like the SRWC will greatly increase their production from last year because the positive response from the members present was overwhelming.  We expect to have several turning sessions before Veterans Day.  Thank you to all in advance.

If all of that wasn’t enough for a jam-packed meeting, the members were lucky enough to have a phenomenal program on identifying wood species by our very own Dave Walters.  Dave presented a very informative program on all the different ways to identify the different hardwoods and softwoods we use in our woodworking.  Dave presented in a style that totally engaged the members into his program.  Dave also had handouts on identifying the trees found in Tennessee and another on all the sawmills operating in the state.  A very informative and enjoyable program.

We ended the night with Show and Tell and four members participated:  Don McKinney, Alice Jensen, Robert Woolfolk, and Henry Phillips.

What a fantastic evening!!!

My uneducated observations of the behavior of woodworkers

 The woodworking hobby, for the most part, is a lonely pastime.  We head into our shop, alone, and dive into whatever project is before us.  There is normally no one in the shop to talk to or interact with.  Some of us have shop dogs or cats but humans are normally not present.  Maybe we have some music playing in the background, but probably the only sounds in the shop are the whirring of a table saw, or the singing of a perfectly tuned hand plane as it removes fine shavings from a board, or the humming of a band saw as it slices through material, or the sweet sound of a sharp gouge shaping a piece on the lathe.  At the end of a day in the shop, except when we talk to ourselves or cuss aloud at a mistake, the aforementioned sounds are all we have been exposed to.  And that is perfectly fine with us.  Human voices are not needed because we are loners.  Right?

Well, not so fast my friend!!  Everything mentioned in the previous paragraph is true and we can all relate to that setting.  However, when there is an opportunity for a woodworker to attend a class or clinic on woodworking, or when an interesting symposium is scheduled nearby, or when the woodworking club of which you are a member has its’ monthly meeting, most are more than eager to attend.  While in attendance woodworkers readily engage in conversation with other woodworkers about project issues, techniques, and jig making to name a few of the conversation subjects.  All seem to readily share their knowledge in an effort to assist their fellow woodworker.  Observe any woodworking class and you will see everyone helping each other in any way they can.  They are fully engaged with all in attendance.  At club meetings, it is often difficult to call a meeting to order because there is so much conversation and information sharing going on.

Is this typical behavior of a loner?  Hardly!!

Clearly, woodworkers are well adjusted behaviorally and can adapt to whatever environment they are in at any point in time.  They can be alone and be perfectly content or they can attend a class or club meeting and be fully engaged and conversational.  There is no doubt many lifelong dear, dear friendships have come from the woodworking hobby.  Most of these sprung from being a woodworking club member. 

Feel good about yourself and appreciate the opportunities your SRWC membership provides you.  You have the best of both worlds.  Don’t you wish everyone in society could say the same?

One final thought.  Can you think of anything that you spend only $25 on per year that gives you more in return than your SRWC membership.  I can’t.  Thank you for being a member!!!

Next Meeting

February 26, 2019   6:30pm

St Marks Methodist Church

Minutes:    January Woodworkers Meeting Jan 22, 2019

Call to order by the president, pledge of allegiance.  Name tags, and membership directory handed out.

Guests:  Mr Anders and James Wegner.

Old Business:   Christmas party a success.  All had a good time.

Good Shepherd’s Children Home. Gifts for 17 young people.

New Business

Nominating committee appointed for officers for next year.

Request for volunteers for assistance with Girl Scout Woodworking Badge.

Upcoming hands on segmented turning class with Gene Casto. 

Other classes:  Christmas Ornaments, Shaker boxes, Pen Turning, Band Saw Boxes, Wood Carving.

February 26 program:  Wood Carving.  And a raffle.

Program by Dave Walters. Identifying wood species.  

Show and Tell. 


Executive meeting

Discussed insurance coverage.  Present cost is $500 per year and the coverage is not useful. 

Respectfully Submitted:  Joe Elliot.  

Calendar of Events

Stones River Woodworkers Club

February 26 February Meeting Renowned wood carver Dave Sharp on techniques and tips on decorative carving

March 26 March Meeting Mike Zinser on advanced finishing techniques and aspects of decorative turning

April 23 April Meeting Officer nominations announced

May 28 May Meeting 2019-2020 Officer elections

June June Meeting (date TBA)


Step up and be a part!!

Educational Opportunities

Marc Adams School of Woodworking Franklin, IN   www.marcadams.com

Appalachian Center for Crafts     Smithville, TN    www.tntech.edu/craftcenter

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts    Gatlinburg, TN    www.arrowmont.org

John C Campbell Folk School Brasstown, NC    www.folkschool.org

Woodcraft Franklin, TN www.woodcraft.com/stores/nashville

Buy and Sell

This space is available for the listing of equipment, tools, materials, etc. that you wish to buy, sell, or trade.  If you would like to utilize this space, please forward you information by email or text to Larry Counts.

Raffle Items for February

 Lathe hood dust collector

Assorted walnut cut offs (perfect for pen blanks and trim pieces)

CMT Sommerfeld Junior Raised Panel router bit set

Officers for 2018-19

President Larry Counts 615-631-9510 lc1972@comcast.net

Vice-President Ryan Snover     770-354-0476     rsnover1@gmail.com

Treasurer Don McKinney    615-419-8386 wdctr@comcast.net


Newsletter Editor   Marv Miller mlmarv@att.net

Publicity Glen Emery 615-556-9462 seaweedcat1@msn.com

Web Master Robert Woolfolk 615-849-9951 rwoolfolk@hotmail.com

Refreshments Roger Evans   615-542-1072 revans@mtsu.edu

Please feel free to contact any officer with suggestions, comments, or ideas to improve the club and keep it moving forward.  Thank you!!

Remember to check out the club’s website


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