Tuesday, May 24, 2022

May meeting

 Meeting today at St. Marks Methodist church at 6:30pm 5/24/2022

Tonight's Presenter is:

 Shelia Collins   Making Segmented Pen Blanks

Shelia's favorites are woodturning and box making. Taking raw logs or scraps of lumber and watching a bowl or finished box emerge is like opening a Christmas present every day. I also do custom work out of my shop that can range from furniture, to remaking a lost final for something that grandpa made to repairing a dog chewed hope chest. I teach Carving, Box Making, Scroll Saw, Woodburning and Woodturning classes at Woodcraft in Franklin

Thursday, May 19, 2022


Alf Sharp has sold the entire stock of Stones River Hardwoods to Alan 
Daigre. Alan is having a huge liquidation sale on furniture grade hardwoods 
in Woodbury Tennessee, June 3 - 5. Big on discounts on walnut, cherry, oak, 
and other woods.
Alf Sharp | asharp@dtccom.net
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Stones River Woodworkers Club

Class Schedule for 2022


MAY             Scroll Saw Basics – Using a Scroll Saw

                     Instructors – Jeanne Altstatt and Sam Clark

                     Location – Jeanne’s shop in Smyrna


JUNE           Basic Pen Turning

Instructors – Sam Clark, Robert Musgrove, Larry Counts

Location – Sam’s shop in Smyrna


JULY            Building a Table Saw Sled       

                     Instructor – Gene Casto

                     Location – Gene’s shop in Murfreesboro, Barfield area


AUGUST      Building Shop Made Jigs         

                     Instructors – Robert Woolfolk and Gene Casto

                     Location – Gene’s shop in Murfreesboro, Barfield area


SEPTEMBER   Building Shaker Boxes

                     Instructor – Mary Nichols

                     Location – Mary’s shop in South Murfreesboro


OCTOBER    Using and Maintaining a Hand Plane

                     Instructor – Robert Woolfolk

                     Location – Robert’s shop in Christiana area


NOVEMBER     Advanced Pen Turning?

                     Instructor – Mike Zinser and Gene Casto

                     Location – Gene’s shop in Murfreesboro, Barfield area


DECEMBER           No classes scheduled for December at this time


JANUARY, 2023 – Using a router – Temporarily scheduled pending new administration



Two subjects requested by the membership are scheduled for regular monthly programs.  The first on the program schedule is Pyrography – Woodburning to be conducted by Pete Miller.  The second on the schedule is Creating Decorative Inlays by Ransom Jones.


Three subjects were moved to monthly programs for 2023 are as follows:

          Building and Using a Box Joint Jig


          Using Epoxy in Woodworking


The remaining subject requested was Dovetailing.  More information from those requesting the class is needed before moving forward.  For example:  hand cut or jig cut, which jig is preferred, etc.


All classes will require a minimum attendance fee of $20.  This fee will pay for supplies, materials, and a lunch. 

If you indicated during the survey, interest in attending a particular class, you will be notified by email 3 – 4 weeks before the scheduled class time with the date of your assigned class, the starting time, personal safety equipment required, the location of the shop/class, directions to the shop, and any other information you may need for a successful class.  Attendees will be required to forward their class fee to the instructor at this time.  This allows the instructor to properly prepare with class space, materials, supplies, and the lunch order.