Wednesday, June 19, 2024

2024 Picnic

 Hello Fellow Woodies,

Here are some updates on the picnic. 

1. This is a potluck picnic with the club furnishing the BBQ, drinks and tableware.   You will need to bring your favorite dish or dessert 🍨.  We need a hard count if you are attending the picnic in order to buy the BBQ and drinks.

2. The picnic will be on Saturday, 27 July from 11 AM to 4 PM at St Mark's in our regular meeting room. Set up will be from 11 to 12, and lunch will be served at Noon.

3. In order to make sure we have enough room we will be taking a headcount at our June meeting. 

4. Don't forget our silent auction.   This is our primary fund raiser for the club and it's always fun 😁.   Please look around your shop for anything you might like to donate. 

If you plan to attend, send your reply to Lou Ferraro at

We look forward to seeing you at the picnic,

Sam Clark, 

SRWC President 

Update on Picnic and Silent Auction

We have a firm date for the SRWC picnic. We will have the picnic at St Mark’s (our regular meeting banquet room) on Saturday July 27th. 

The room is reserved from 11am to 4pm and we will be serving starting at 12:00.  11am to 12:00 will be for set-up (please feel free to come and help with set-up).

This year we will again have our Silent Auction; with the proceeds going to the club.  The Silent Auction is the only fundraiser for the club and we really need participation!  Please look around your shop for tools, jigs, accessories, wood or anything else you might like to donate to the auction.  In the past we have had a number of neat items including garden tools and non-woodworking items which do well at the auction.  If you have items for the auction, please arrive early so that we can place your item.  These silent auctions have always been a lot of fun for the club members.

Thanks for your participation,

Sam Clark, President SRWC

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