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May 2024 meeting minutes

 Stones River Woodworkers Meeting 5-28-24

Pledge of Allegiance

President Sam Clark: Welcomed everyone, and asked if we had any visitors. Three visitors were welcomed: Jason McNutt, Larry Tyring, and Jeremy Tyring.

Comments from Sam and others:

·         Next month’s meeting (June) will be in a different room here at St. Mark’s. We will meet upstairs in room 1203. There is an elevator to that area just as you come in the front door leading to the sanctuary. The sanctuary entry is located on the left side of the church as you enter from Rutherford Boulevard, and you should park on that side. Someone will be available to direct you.

·         Classes for Christmas snowmen and gnomes will occur in late July or September and a class on jigs for splines and boxes is also being planned; Gregg Peay is considering having a lawn furniture building class.

·         Shop Tours: we have five shops lined up so far

·         Our annual picnic will occur on the third or fourth Saturday in July and more information will be provided on that.

·         Jeanne Altstadt said that the scroll saw classes will occur on Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8 at 9:30 AM. The charge is $30. Please bring eye protection and a dust mask.

·         Mary Nichols said that her shaker classes were held on May 1st and 2nd, and 3rd and 4th.

·         Fellowship meetings at the Old Fort Parkway Hardee’s near Sam’s Club continue monthly on the first Tuesday at 9 AM. Please come and enjoy.

·         Service project for appreciation to St. Mark’s Church for allowing us to use their facilities each month: Our club plans to create and provide a 4’ x 5’ walnut stained board with decorative moldings that will then be professionally completed by a local trophy shop employed by St. Mark’s to hold 100 brass nameplates. It will hang on the wall in the foyer near the sanctuary when finished, and have a brass plate near the bottom recognizing the Stones River Woodworkers. The finished product will be impressive memorial showpiece for the church. If anyone is interested in helping, please let Sam Clark know.

·         Glen Kilgore has a friend who is selling his woodworking tools and asked us to call him if interested.

Show and Tell: Alex Marshall turned walnut bowl from a very old tree that was on the grounds at Middle Tennessee Medical Center; Mary Nichols a “hidden drawer” table and two walnut boxes; Jeanne Altstadt multi colored serving tray, and a 3-D snake, and ribbon box both made on a scroll saw; Robert Woolfolk the first of 4 large turned table legs with mortises for a commissioned table he is building; Mike Warren his third shaker box with tung oil finish; Terry Towe shaker box, turned spalted maple bowl, and 5 pens; Gordon Bell shaker tray finished with orange oil and bees wax; Barry Meier shaker tray and a ribbon adorned wood box made on the scroll saw; Mike Borgstrom a turned cherry bowl, and a graduation gift plaque with scroll saw lettering and pharmacy mortise and pestle symbol; Larry James presented an heirloom table that his father had made and discussed how the intricately inlaid wood was incorporated into the design.

All show and tell projects presented have been photographed/labeled and appeared in a separate email by newsletter editor Lou Ferraro.

Guest SpeakerMurfreesboro’s Amanda Stephenson, is the creator of the Sapphire Wood Studio where she creates a wide variety of artistic wood art and applies her professional teaching background to instruct others in the art of creative woodworking. She fashions an array of products for sale, can also be commissioned for special projects, and currently teaches her classes at Cedar Glade Brews, 906 Ridgely Rd, Murfreesboro, TN. Some of her areas of expertise include the creation of custom signs, serving trays, charcuterie boards, and so much more. Amanda displayed and discussed many of her creations with tips and tricks and some of her experiences with the chemistry of epoxy and products that work well for her.

Respectfully Submitted by

David Roesler, Secretary

Stones River Woodworkers Club

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